Tom Family – from Ireland to the Carolinas to Tennessee to Texas

This website is dedicated to tracing the descendants of a remarkable and notable man who in 1835 came to Texas from what is now Tennessee.   He was William Tom II, the son of  William Tom.  William Tom was born in Ireland but left there and came to this nation where he remained until his death.  He was the son of Joesph Tom, a man who lived and died in a small village in Ireland.

William Tom II, lived for a while in what is now South Carolina and then moved to Tennessee.  He apparently always went by just the name of William Tom in Texas, but since his father had that same name, to keep track of him, in this website he is referred to as William Tom II.  To refer to him as a Junior just does not fit such a heroic man.

He was married twice and  had a number of children, but we have only been able to find information on some of them.  Old records are difficult to find and there are often conflicts over names, locations, marriages, births and deaths,  dates, children, brothers and sisters.  It is our hope that others will help us find, clarify and verify all the data we can about this unique man and his descendants.

Please note the Relation Links at the bottom of this Page. These Relation Links will enable us to include other families information descended from William Tom II, who settled in Texas.  While in Texas he had children who created their own generations of Toms. You can Click on one of the Relation Links to determine if there is additional data for those relations for a person.

One notable member of the Tom Family is that of a son of William Tom II, John Files Tom. This man has many descendants involved in many varied walks of life.  John Files Tom has some information about his life.  You can view this from the Family page.

There are other families connected to the Toms by marriage.  The Wilsons, for which Wilson County gets its name, the Hintons, the Archers and the Grimes are some of the families that should be included in this family history.  We hope members of those groups will forward information to us to be set forth in this website.

My own family is descended from another of William Tom II sons, Houston Tom, who also produced many descendants who just like the Files branch are involved in a wide variety of endeavors .

Other family members who are descendants of William Tom II  and anyone else who is not related but can share some information are encouraged to send us any documents, photos, paintings or anything else that might be of interest to the family members. We will add it to our website as soon as time permits.

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 Submitted by Jim Tom – Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas